Tips For Environmentally Friendly Homes

You can get solar paneling from Home Depot. They have a Sunforce 200 Watt CIGS Solar Panel Kit, Model number 36106, Internet catalog #100677614 for $1,179.97 each. This kit contains two 100 Watt Pro Series CIGS solar panels, and comes with a 25 year limited warranty. It is a considerable initial expense, however, it will eventually save you a fortune.

Secondary glazing your windows and glass doors is a very efficient way to save heating costs in your home. You may need to upgrade to the latest energy efficient options. Even if your windows and doors have double glazed already, they may be old and not as cost effective.

Furniture can be very environmentally friendly in your home. When people redecorate they tend to sell or give away their old furniture. Buying used furniture is the best way to redecorate if you care about the environment. Used furniture does not have to look old and beat up. Thrift stores, like Goodwill, and yard sales are the best option for used furniture. You can even find some for sale online, and in your local classified advertising like Craigslist. You will save money and have earth friendly furniture. If you can’t find any used furniture that fits your style, buy some that has sustainable, renewable material like bamboo or cork.

Traditional appliances like refrigerators, washing machines and dryers have made great strides recently. In this area, buying new is the best option. The newest versions are all produced with the environment in mind. They are energy efficient and use minimal amounts of water and energy. Although the newer appliances are more expense, it is the best option for replacing your old ones. The initial cost will returned to you through energy savings. If you need to keep your old appliances, make sure that everything is working well. Leaking appliance, will waste valuable resources and money. Repair all such items as soon as possible.

There are many conscientious behaviors we can do to make our home environmentally friendly. Replace all of your light bulbs with the energy efficient ones. It’s quick, cheap and easy. You will save money, and more importantly, energy. Your temperature readings for water heaters, air conditioners, and freezers should be at the lowest settings. Unplug all appliances instead of just turning them off. Leaving appliances plugged in wasted energy and money. Only some appliances need to continue running like your refrigerator and freezer, others are not necessary to their function. Also use dimmer switches to cut down on the use of energy.

There are many cleaning products that will damage the environment. Many of us have full shelves of harsh cleaners. They are unhealthy for you and your family as well as wear down the finishes on your home’s surfaces. Research more natural cleaning alternatives, like baking soda, vinegar and lemon juice. They clean and disinfect many surfaces without the harmful effects to the environment.

Again, remember that everything old can be renewed. Search thrift shops, yard sales, antique stores, and pawn shops for artwork and other decor accessories. Consider creating your own artwork from natural materials. Use your creative imagination to create art and help the environment.